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I'd like to offer profound thanks to Randy Noak, who developed and maintained this web site for many years, and to Eugene Eaton who helped. Your hard work was appreciated by all who stumbled upon this web site.

 Back in the Stone Age of the Internet, this was the only way for HM Alum to rediscover each other, and to keep in touch. Much has changed, with the introduction of places like Facebook. The message boards that this site used, unfortunately, have gone the way of the Dodo. That is a pity, as there were some great conversations, and stories there. Other links, and content that was obsolete have been removed as well.

I wanted to keep this page up because it is something else that we would miss just knowing that it was no longer there. We have enough of those as it is. I have no intention, at present, of reactivating or updating it, but just letting it exist as a monument. If anyone else is interested in doing something with this page please let me know. Meanwhile, Mary Jean Kennedy Greene has a wonderful...and frequently updated Horace Mann web site HERE.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Howard Bernstein, class of '70.